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2011-08-19 01:51:51 by Kei-4-2

Hey! So, I went through editing a few things, such as a reply, and I actually updated one of my songs. "Untitled Demo" is now called "Flight" from now on. I wiped my HDD, so all my files are gone, and I haven't gotten FL Studio 9 back yet. :(,
But I did say upfront that my songs are meant to have a connected theme. The story starts with "Control of Space," which is meant to say that people are expanding into space, reaching the ends of the universe and setting up civilizations there. "Flight" is meant to be about someone flying around in space, just natural flight, for pure fun. "Coming Back" is meant to signify that this person feels Earth is where they truly belong, and they start their way back. Naturally, as with any story, something needs to go wrong. "Malfunction" is where that happens. The rest of the story is yet to be revealed. Stay tuned and I will release more when I finish them.
:D :D :D


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