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Memory Lane - B4M! Memory Lane - B4M!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Maybe on a better day, but I wasn't feeling it today.

I noticed you had sent me this via PM, so after some hesitation I went to check it out. I haven't been on here in forever... Around 2:45 it was good, until the bass rolled in... I've heard better, but I've heard worse too.

System 318 System 318

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Well, I saw one of your responses mentioning you had a Trance song, so I looked it up. I am not very impressed. A very soft Trance, and fair for that, but it did lack some of the general Trance aspects. It sounds to me like I'm hearing too many claps, and not enough hi-hats. Your piano was also a little high-pitched, but that's a personal opinion, not critical. I also suspect that my headphones are not broken, and your piano is meant to come through in mostly the right speaker. I personally think the piano would be good if was a little more balanced, and maybe had a SLIGHTLY longer release. I also like Trance songs with a little more energy. But back to the critical analysis, I would suggest that you go with the usual Kick Hi-Hat Kick Hi-Hat for most of the song, and throw in claps for more energetic beats.

Anyway, 3.5/5, because it doesn't have much of a genuine Trance feel, in my opinion.

Above the Sky (Techno) Above the Sky (Techno)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This is very similar to the sound I try to achieve in my newer songs. Sadly, I'm very bad with getting the energy into my songs. I will say though, this is a very nice peice of Techno. It's music you can move to. I still prefer Trance, music that moves you.
Definitely a good song, but not perfect.
I'm rating high today. Great song, and really deserves a higher score than what it has now. Give me a high-five, sir.

spot1techno responds:

Thanks a bunch + I actually really enjoy trance too! I've made a couple of progressive trance songs titled "System 318," + "The Creator." Might be worth checking out in my audio submissions. High-five right backatcha!